Authpro + Webflow

I would like to introduce an awesome Frankenstein of functionality that we as Webflow creators have been looking to accomplish for some time!

Authflow is a walkthrough that shows how to combine the membership portal functionality of Authpro, with the ease of creating websites in Webflow.

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General FAQ from Authpro

How many members can I have with free account and how much deluxe account cost?

"You can have up to 10 members with free account and as many members as you need with deluxe account. Deluxe account costs $4.95/monthly or $12.95/quarterly or $47.95/yearly."

Do I need any special functions on my server like cgi-bin or database access to use your service and store the data?

No, all scripts and data are remotely hosted on our server. If you want to install password protection script on your website you can check our AuthPro script at

Is AuthPro compatible with my website builder / hosting service?

"If there is feature/widget in your website builder to insert custom html codes to your pages, this is all you need to use Authpro service on your website."

I wonder how your company handles personal information that is submitted. I want to make sure that you do not sell or otherwise distribute this information to third parties such as mailing lists, telemarketers, etc...

"We do not sell or otherwise distribute any personal information collected on our site."

Feel free to view the additional Authpro FAQs at